"The role of the teacher is to create the conditions for invention rather than provide ready-made knowledge"  Seymour Papert

About Us

 Makers Play Lab is a design and digital play lab for young makers to explore the possibilities of creation, imagination and collaboration through STEAM (Science. Technology. Engineering. Arts. Maths) education.


We nurture creative confidence and develop problem solving skills by leveraging technologies such as coding and robotics underpinned by design thinking principles to provide experiential STEAM learning opportunities for young makers.

We encourage makers to take risks, make mistakes and embrace hard fun as they collaboratively play, design and create meaningful projects.



ideas for making

1. Fail Up

2. Take Risks

3. Learn by Doing

4. Imagine & Wonder

5. Experience Hard Fun

6. Review & Reflect

7. Think like a Designer

8. Empathise With Others

9. Act Sustainably

10. Collaborate 


Makers Play Lab July School Holidays



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